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Wallifornia organizes each year several summits (online or in Belgium) to gather the global entertainment ecosystem (Music / Sports / Esports / Gaming). We provide the most inspirational talks on innovation for startups, professionals and investors.

Our speakers are usually experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, successful investors and visionary artists/influencers sharing their experiences.

During those summits, you will also discover the best TECH startups in the field during our Accelerators Demo Days and meet your peers during premium and exclusive meetups (Ecosystems, investors, artists, influencers, etc.)

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Previous editions Speakers

Center for Digital Music

Coordinator at WALGA

COO at Muzeek

Serial Entrepreneur in Tech, Entertainment & New Orleans

Partner - Head of Global Business Development at Muserk

Vice President New Digital Business Universal Music Group

Founder and press officer at COM AS YOU ARE

Head of Esport at Webedia

Just Dance Esport champion, stage host, streamer/youtuber

Co-Founder at Hovertone

Founder at Arcona Music

Executive Director Advanced Music SL (Sónar - Sónar +D)

Head of Rights & Repertoire for ICE Services

Musical editor and coordinator, Moustique

Founding member of N.W.A., iNov8 Next Open Labs/iNcub8 Next

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Super Hifi

CEO and Founder of Music Audience Exchange

Creative Industry development, UNESCO City of Music Norrköping

Managing partner at Plus 8 Equity Partners

Founder and CEO at Maestro


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