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Wallifornia policy on COVID-19

As you all know, things have been pretty chaotic for the entertainment industry (and the world) lately. From rescheduled festivals to emptied music venues, at Wallifornia MusicTech, we would like to express our sympathy to all those suffering around the world, and to all the artists and entrepreneurs mobilized to entertain us during those difficult times.

Because we care about your safety, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided not to run the Wallifornia MusicTech program the usual way in 2020. Instead of welcoming you all in our wonderful city of Liège, as we are used to, we have decided to go for a completely virtual experience this time. Because we are digital natives and because we love innovation, we believe it is the right choice, whether you are a start-up, a music pro, an esport pro, an artist, a player, an investor, or just a Entertainement Lover.

To make our vision happen, we need you more than ever. While our team is giving its all to make this edition as amazing as the previous one and, hell, why not, even better, it can only happen if you join us and spread the word about Wallifornia.

Because if there’s one thing these uncertain times have thought us, it’s that physical distance isn’t necessarily an obstacle. What matters is the quality of our exchanges. Let’s make this edition great!

The Wallifornia Team.