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From coal to cool

Back in the days, Liège was an important industrial city and a renowned coal and steel hub during the industrial revolution. At that time, some of the most innovative inventions were developed in the region, from the first commercial power plant to roller skate. Liège is a raw diamond, waiting for you to be cut.

From coal to cool, the city is moving fast, and each day brings its own share of renewal, thanks to the free and vivid spirit of the people who live there. Over the past ten years in particular, a whole new generation of entrepreneurs emerged from the ground, ready to walk in the steps of some local pioneers.

From freelance workers to SMEs and startups, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs constitute the core of our fast-growing local ecosystem. But they are not alone. In Liège, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. The city is the embodiment of a unique spirit of freedom and independence; a subtle mix of unconventional thinking, warm friendliness and a raw quirkiness.

In Liège it is often said that you just need to randomly seat at a terrace for five minutes to make ten new friends. It does not take much to make good professional contacts.

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Penta hotel Liège


Ramada Plaza

Hotel Neuvice


Hors Château

Faubourg Saint-Martin

Chez Mamy

Van Der Valk Congres

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Bistrot Mentin

Le Pot au lait

Volga Bar d’atmosphère

La Parra

Chez Pinart

Brasserie C

Beerlovers Café


Le verre Bouteille

Maison du Peket

Brasserie du Sauvenière

Chez Leblanc

Bistro n'home

Chez Lequet

Huggy's Bar

Café Internazionale

Accattone Caffe

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Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette


Le Cloitre

Paris Brest

La Cucinnela



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Madame Boverie

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