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>Turo Pekari

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Turo Pekari

Turo Pekari is a music innovation specialist, researcher, advisor, ecosystem & community builder based in Helsinki, Finland. Currently he leads international operations, innovation and insights at Music Finland. For years, Turo has been in the forefront of music innovation by running Nordic music innovation labs and developing future concepts for rights tech, as well as leading innovation, data strategy and foresight work at Teosto. Turo is also the co-founder of #NextStageChallenge, a pan-European music innovation initiative, acting in expert roles for European Commission and the Finnish Government for copyright infrastructure development work, European innovation ambassador of CreativeSHIFT and working as a mentor and advisor in various international startup and music business accelerator programs. He speaks regularly in conferences around the world including SXSW, Musicbiz, MWC, Sonar+D, Eurosonic, Slush.