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>Stefan Baumschlager

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Stefan Baumschlager

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Stefan Baumschlager currently heads up business </span><span>development at Sendmate. Stefan joined the young company based in the picturesque capital of Austria directly from Google where he’s been managing European publishing partnerships and licenses for the past 2+ years. Prior to Google Stefan helped now sadly </span><span>defunct streaming service Rdio from the creators of Skype with their roll out across Europe in the capacity as Head of European Partnerships. Before joining Rdio, Stefan spent close to 6 years at </span><a href="http://last.fm/"><span>Last.fm</span></a><span>, </span><span>the last two heading its music department overseeing global label relations as well as indie content licensing. Prior to </span><a href="http://last.fm/"><span>Last.fm</span></a><span>, </span><span>Stefan held several roles in terrestrial radio and worked with Gilles Peterson, Karen Pearson, Somethin-Else Productions and Austria’s public service broadcaster ORF among others. He holds a MA in Communications and a BA in Media Studies from the University o</span><span>f Westminster in London.</span>