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>Roald Sieberath

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Roald Sieberath

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I got my computer science engineering degree in 1992. I’ve been involved as co-founder, shareholder, board member in a handful of companies that have done video streaming, mobile messaging, ebooks, elearning, Big Data, business applications (and have raised $18M of venture funding in the aggregate). In that process I have built an experience of more than 15 years in ICT/Internet with roles including CTO and CEO. I've pitched to major VCs, hired teams, opened int'l markets. I bring an innovative, "fresh look" analysis & an entrepreneurial, "hands-on" execution. I now spend a lot of time meeting, finding, coaching & investing startups (& innovative companies or business units) as part of several accelerators, incubators or funds : LeanSquare / Meusinvest, Microsoft Innovation Center, Nest’Up, StarTech, VentureLab. I’ve been invited as speaker, mentor in accelerator programs internationally : French Tech Culture, YunusSB (Tunisia), MG Seed (Brazil),... My goal is to get involved with dynamic teams in startups and SMEs, and bring my entrepreneurial and business experience to help them to take advantage of technological innovation, gather appropriate resources (incl. funding and R&D grants) and deliver value to the (global) market. My technological interests are in : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, social networking and collective intelligence, ICT in Healthcare, Internet of Things, cloud, elearning, ebooks, Open Source software. By education, I have both a deep technical background (CS engineer, UC Louvain), and solid background in Business (up to an MBA) from Brussels (Solvay), Louvain and Stanford Business Schools. I also have a keen interest in the broader societal implications of business (environment, ethics, social entrepreneurship). Specialties: bring a fresh perspective to complex issues, validate with market, write business plan, raise funding, hire & coach team, develop partnerships

Website: www.roald.com