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Managing Partner, Tag Strategic LLC - Deal Maker, Connector, Consultant, Consigliere, Board Member

Senior advisor, Ernst and Young

Singer, Songwriter, Electronic Musician & Record Producer

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer & Administrator at SABAM / Hackathon Manager at Wallifornia MusicTech

Esport and Video Games specialist at RTBF

Record producer, mixer and writer

Songwriter & Producer

Christophe Pierre
Twitch Manager and video game consultant at RTBF

Musician & Songwritter

Director of The Rattle LA

Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Coordinator

Experience Developer and Technologist

Videogames & eSports assistant at RTBF

Musician and composer

Principal Software Architect

Coach at BeCode

Senior Software Engineer at EVS Broadcast Equipment

Artistic Director

Mentor, Business Angel and Crypto Investor.

Tech Lead at Google

Music composer & software engineer

FOH engineer and live sound producer

CTO at Tapptic

Software Engineer

Co-owner at Wild Bishop

Head of Campuses Wallonia @BeCode.

Coordinator at WALGA

Journalist and Communication consultant

President of MediaTech ventures

Founder & President of Hackathon Internationals

Director, Technology at universal Music Group

VP, Advanced Technology

Director of New Digital Business and Innovation at Universal Music Group

Tech Lead at Universal Music Group