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>Umut Timur

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Umut Timur

Umut Timur was born and raised in Arnhem, Netherlands. As a result of his interest in music, which started in his youth, he began to write, compose and sing songs. In the following years, he founded his own record label, Aye Music, and started to market his music. Umut Timur released his first studio album Istanbul in the last months of 2016 and debuted with the songs "Okyanus" and "Hoppa" in the album. He achieved great success with his second studio album, Şaheser, released in 2018. The single "Vermedin" from the masterpiece album entered the national charts of many countries. Umut Timur took part in many projects as a producer. He suddenly produced the entire album of Yener Çevik, which was released in 2017. Donar song in the album has exceeded 30 million clicks on YouTube.