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>Tommy Stalknecht

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Tommy Stalknecht

Tommy Stalknecht is the founder and CEO of Single Music, the first dedicated music app for Shopify. With over 10 years experience in the direct-to-consumer side of the music industry, Tommy has had the privilege of working with artists at all stages of career success.Single Music was launched based on Tommy’s experiences in a previous product development role where, while transferring client’s e-commerce to Shopify, he saw a gaping hole for the music industry with what was available to artists in the Shopify App Store.Since 2018, thousands of artists have been using Single’s powerful suite of tools for digital music sales, monetized video, chart reporting, and fan insights — all the while earning more and creating meaningful relationships with their fans directly from their owned and operated Shopify stores.To date, Single has delivered and chart-reported over 3 Million records and sold more than 800,000 livestream event tickets, generating over $22 Million in revenue for artists.