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>Tom Gray

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Tom Gray

Tom Gray fell off a piano at the age of 3, leaving a cut above his left eye. Undaunted by this disastrous start, he’s spent his subsequent life committed to music-making. Now with over 25 years of composition behind him, a devotion to making music with character remains. As does the scar.A founding member of Gomez, a UK band who made a trademark out of their eclecticism, they won the Mercury Prize in 1998 and then went on to become a major live act, for several years, in the USA.Outside of his work with the band, Tom has developed a career as a composer. He recently scored 'In My Skin', a comedy-drama, for the BBC. He has worked extensively in theatre and is now working on a stage adaptation with the Roald Dahl Society.Tom, besides starting #BrokenRecord, is an elected Writer-Director of PRS For Music. He is a Writer-Artist Advocate for the Featured Artist Coalition and sits on the Songwriter Committee of The Ivors Academy. He had what he describes as a ‘genuinely misspent youth’ focussed on politics and has spent the last few years using that knowledge and experience to advocate for creators as best he can.