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>Steven Laureys

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Steven Laureys

Steven Laureys MD PhD FEAN is a clinical neurologist, neuroscientist and popular author (‘The no-nonsense meditation book’ Bloomsbury 2021, ‘Un si brillant cerveau’ Odile Jacob 2015). He is internationally recognized for his studies on consciousness and perception after coma but also on near-death experiences, anesthesia, dreaming, hypnosis and meditation. Prof. Dr. Laureys has published over 500 scientific papers and 12 books. He is Research Director at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (2012), founding director of the "Coma Science Group" (2006) and "GIGA Consciousness Research Unit" (2014) of the University of Liège and “Centre du Cerveau” at the University Hospital of Liège (2019). With his team he uses music and functional MRI scanning to probe possible awareness in the severely brain-damaged and also studied the brain of French conductor Alain Altinoglu, music director of La Monnaie.