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>Sophie Delalay

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Sophie Delalay

Sophie Delalay is the Digital Project Manager for Petzi Ticketing Service, the ticketing branch of the Swiss Federation of Independent clubs and festivals. She used to work in communication and marketing for private companies, and as a Product Owner in software development, while working as a volunteer for clubs and festivals. She moved on to become a teacher, while getting involved in the first UX conference in Western Switzerland. She kept working for clubs, first as a Project Manager for the Lausanne Sessions, then as a promoter. In 2013, she started volunteering for Petzi Ticketing Service which was going through a rough phase. Member of Petzi’s National Commitee, Sophie now leads the team of 8 volunteers and 3 part-time employees that offers Petzi members a solution for an online agenda, local POS, ticketing, billing, scanning and reading system and its support. Petzi now caters for two hundred members, clubs and festivals from 30 to 3000 people, selling more than 123’000 tickets every year, on a non-profit basis. Petzi Ticketing Service is now one of the major contenders on the ticketing market in Switzerland, whose low fees guarantee a wider access to culture for the audience, offering a ticketing service based on Petzi’s members’ needs and requests.