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>Ryan Maule

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Ryan Maule

Ryan Maule has been leading digital and tech partnerships for over 15 years. He studied Computer Science at Trent University in Canada, before beginning his career with Fortune 500 companies working in IT. He then transitioned to the telecoms industry, launching brands in Canada, before leading Business Development for Rogers Communications' (Canada's Largest Telecom Operator) Strategic Partners. While he was working on his day job, Ryan also started several companies focused on journalism, launching blogs, websites and video delivery sites before there was even such a thing as YouTube and Wordpress. He focused on Consumer Tech and Gaming, and created sites for some of the largest media brands in Canada, and hosted a podcast called VGM daily that ran for over 200 episodes, for CHUM Broadcasting. Ryan has since gone on to consult in licensing in the Startup industry, created his own startup in the music space called Trebba, and now leads innovation for SOCAN, a PRO in Canada.