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>Ronny Krieger

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Ronny Krieger

My passion and curiosity for art and creativity have always been the driving force behind what I do. For over 25 years now I am part of the music, tech and creative industries. Originally a banker at the corporate lending department, I soon followed my passion for music as an artist, dj and producer, later pr agent for press and radio, label- and artist management (Modeselektor, Moderat, Monkeytown Records, kanzleramt, 50 Weapons...). I worked in distribution (EFA Medien), at a record store and lead a download shop (VP & CPO of Beatport). There are probably about 2 dozen records and remixes I have released under various names. l am a member of the vut board (the German independent music association) and have been occasionally teaching Digital Media, Social Media Marketing, International Music Business. Since 2010 I have been working as a freelance consultant and advisor for companies like FatDrop, DJBroadcast, Shutterstock, Digitally Imported, Skoove, LANDR, Native Instruments, Patreon and others. I enjoy talking to interesting people and have been hosting and speaking at panels with diverse topics around the globe. From January 2018 until June 2019 I was appointed the role of CEO at MOD Devices, a new music hardware and software company from Germany. In addition to my voluntary commitment at the vut, 2 years ago I joined the expert committee for "Digitalisation and AI" at the German Cultural Council. I am currently acting as GM Patreon Europe, establishing the new central European presence of the company in Berlin. I am living in Berlin. I am married and father of 2 wonderful kids. I am enjoying a healthy life style and care about my nutrition and recovery. I train Crossfit up to 10 hours per week. I am not a runner, but once a year I enjoy a Tough Mudder obstacle race and collect the colourful finisher headbands (which I never wear). In 2019 I joined a 24h nonstop fitness team competition for the first time and it certainly wasn´t my last. I am always up for a great challenge!