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>Roman Rappak

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Roman Rappak

Roman Rappak is co-founder and CEO of Overview Ark, and frontman of the band Miro Shot. Miro Shot released debut album CONTENT on Believe/All Points Records with Warp Publishing and East City Management. CONTENT explores the themes of data, technology, gaming, and online culture as a modern narrative of this digital era. The band started in 2017 as a collective of musicians, coders, filmmakers, and designers who created the world’s first immersive multi-sensory live VR/AR concert. Its success lead to the launch of Overview Ark, a multiplayer concert platform that allows shows happening in the real world to also take place in the metaverse, creating the first true virtual platform for artists, the music industry and physical venues. We're not here to disrupt the music industry, we're here to make virtual concerts accessible to all artists and fans.