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>Rob De Feo

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Rob De Feo

Rob De Feo is startup advocate at Amazon Web Services and host of Startup Engineering Podcast (http://startupengineering.co/). Rob spends his time helping startups build their products. He mentors startups CTO’s and founders as they begin their journey through to late stage startup scale their businesses. He has helped many of Europe’s largest startups and startup institutions, including Techstars, Deliveroo, Skyscanner, and Starling Bank to scale their platforms and meet global demand. Rob is now focused on working with the startup communities across Europe. Prior to Amazon, Rob was the founder of AI startup Jemboo, and was technical lead of Expedia’s Innovation division, building one of the earliest industry chatbots. Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kxnKaaPEGu95gNTMA