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>Rick Heffernan

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Rick Heffernan

Rick Heffernan is heading up business development and artist/label relations at Swiss-based start-up Utopia Genesis Foundation, which is utilizing blockchain technology to deliver tokenisation platforms/products to revolutionize the wider music industry. Prior to joining Utopia Genesis, he co-founded Light On, a music-to-brand consultancy with a focus on emerging territories, which for the last decade he’s worked with artists including Grimes, Nile Rodgers, Justice, Chromeo, and recognizable brands Red Bull, Miller Beer, Alfa-Bank and Yandex, where he worked closely with Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. He also manages boutique underground Venetian record label, Degustibus Music. Working on various lead roles in the music industry from the ground up, Rick has a very keen interest in how blockchain technology can start solving some of the industries older business models to create more transparency and fairness going forward.