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>Obie Fernandez

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Obie Fernandez

Over the course of over 25 years as a professional technologist, I have gained extensive experience in new product development with a strong business focus on meeting market needs using Agile and Lean methods. I have demonstrated ability in building effective and innovative software development organizations, establishing strong business relationships and rapidly understanding new and complex businesses. I have extensive experience leveraging operations and technology solutions resulting in revenue growth, decreased expenses and increased service levels. Years of professional consulting and leadership experience, open-source credibility, charisma and reputation make it easy for me to attract top-notch tech talent to my teams.I am most famous as the author of best-selling Ruby on Rails books, a little less so as the original founder of Hashrocket, which during its heyday, was one of the worldʼs most admired web design & development shops. As its Founder & CEO, I grew Hashrocket to over 35 employees and almost $7M in revenues in 2010, before selling my stake in order to work on product-driven startups.