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>Nicolas d’Alessandro

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Nicolas d’Alessandro

Nicolas d’Alessandro obtained his PhD in Applied Sciences from the University of Mons in 2009. From a lifelong interest in musical instruments and his acquired taste in speech and singing processing, he will incrementally shape a research topic that aims at using gestural control of sound in order to gain insights in speech and singing production. Therefore his interventions on stage always gather an interdisciplinary research side, taking its roots in human cognition and voice production. Starting in 2003, with the development of the MaxMBROLA object, nowadays widely used in digital arts. In 2004, he moves to Montreal for an internship with Prof. Caroline Traube that brings a Master thesis exploring similarities between voice and guitar timbres. He is back with Prof. Thierry Dutoit for a PhD at the University of Mons, where he will have the chance to collaborate with many other great speech and singing specialists such as Profs. Baris Bozkurt, Christophe d’Alessandro, Boris Doval and Yannis Stylianou. Late 2009, he moves to Canada again, to take a postdoc position with Prof. Sidney Fels at the MAGIC Lab, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, where he will work on the DiVA project. There he will also organize the first p3s workshop. Since December 2011, he is back in the University of Mons and leads MAGE, HandSketch and ChoirMob projects.