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>Mattias Hjelmstedt

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Mattias Hjelmstedt

As featured in Bloomberg, CNN, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, and Wired, serial entrepreneur, Hjelmstedt has successfully created companies since the early 1990s in the areas of: content distribution; streaming; online gaming; social media; and computer technologies.An unparalleled innovator, Hjelmstedt’s commitment to online user experience, enhancing the media industries and turning online TV into a global reality, sees him partnering with the leading figures in TV, Music, electronics, and digital industries, as well as discerning consumers.Mattias Hjelmstedt is the founder of Utopia Music, which creates platforms so everyone can understand, use and benefit from the power of data in the music industry.He was the Founder of Magine (www.magine.com). Created in 2010, Magine is the pioneering cloud-based service for watching live and catch-up TV in the same place and across all devices.Mattias is also a frequently enlisted keynote speaker within the digital space, since he has worked with digital transformation within the Internet, computer gaming and media industry since the early 90th.