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>Kathleen Wuyard

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Kathleen Wuyard

Kathleen Wuyard wanted to become a professional dog hugger, but apparently, “that’s not a real job”, so instead, she studied political science and decided to pursue her passion for journalism. She started her career at Sud Presse (Le Soir, La Meuse) and quickly moved on to write for Paris Match. She is now head of Politics & Society for Flair Magazine and publishes regularly in Le Vif and Now Magazine. In 2014, Kathleen founded Boulettes Magazine, a webzine dedicated to her hometown, which led to her publishing a city-guide with Mardaga in 2017, “Liège Surprises”. Though she is what you could call a “slasher”, she abhors the term and would rather be known as “a workhorse with the mane of a show pony