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>Jonas Kiesekoms

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Jonas Kiesekoms

Jonas Kiesekoms is head of research at the University of applied sciences and arts PXL-Music where he combines his passions for Music and Science. Jonas traveled the world as part of the electronic music duo Mumbai Science and applies this experience in his practice based research projects. At PXL-Music he coordinates three research teams focused on Immersive Music, Music in education and Data Science in the music industry. The data science research team at PXL-Music examines whether it is possible to predict the number of attendees for a future show. Together with partners like Ancienne Belgique and Clubcircuit, the team uses data on more than 7000 concerts and 12000 artists to find out if there is a golden rule to book a successful show. The research group developed a web based application called the Venue Intelligence Platform on which venues can visualize their data and predict the amount of tickets they will sell for future shows. Is this the end of the booker? Can we open the black box of the predicting AI?