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>Imogen Heap

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Imogen Heap

As a self-produced composer, recording artist and tech enthusiast for over 20 years, Imogen Heap has multiple awards under her belt, her own independent music label and three honorary doctorates. Never sitting still, she has developed music gestureware MI·MU gloves and an integrated digital ID solution, The Creative Passport, to empower music makers to be the change toward a fair and flourishing music ecosystem. She has released under-the-skin hits such as Hide and Seek for grown-ups to The Happy Song for babies, composed the music for the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child stage show and is currently building her own AI system. Imogen is an artist’s artist, an entrepreneur, and a mother and is also an advisory board member for the Creative Industries Federation, a director of FAC and has collaborated with Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Jeff Beck, Nitin Sawhney, Jon Hopkins & many more.