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>Gérôme Vanherf

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Gérôme Vanherf

Fan of innovation and music, Gérôme likes working in a collaborative way to develop entrepreneurial ecosystems. He is LeanSquare’s COO, a Belgian VC and start-up accelerator which invests in Entertainment+Tech, e-logistics and e-health. He is also La Grand-Poste’s CEO, a 8000m2 old post office in which, from 2020, the local Entertainment+Tech ecosystem will gather and work together (startups and corporates, University of Liège, LeanSquare, VentureLab (Students entrepreneurs incubators), etc. Finally, he has co-founded the Wallifornia MusicTech startup summit. The objective of this recurrent program is to gather, since 2017, the Entertainment industry each year during Music Festival Les Ardentes (135.000 attendees) to think together about the future of the Industry.