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>Dina Morisset

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Dina Morisset

Dina aka TheFairyDina became famous in the esport world through her esports records on the rhythm game Just Dance: 3X French champion of the game, 1X Vice-French champion, she also obtained 1X the bronze medal and 1X the silver medal at the ESWC's "Just Dance World Cup", making her the vice world champion on the 2017 edition. Fierce competitor, she's also passionate about sharing: she has since worked hard to build her audience and make people dance with her throughout France and Europe, through numerous events in conventions and shopping centers. Her implication and aura around the license is nowadays so big that when the "Just Dance World Cup" took a break and only the "Just Dance French Cup" was organized by Ubisoft in 2019, she was contacted right away by the brand to be the face and host of the event, during the last Paris Games Week. Far from sticking only to Just Dance, she also tried other genres of dances. Notably, in October 2019 she led for the giant "Fortnite" the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people performing a routine of emotes from a video game. Host on stage but online as well, she is part of the team of one of the biggest webTV's in France, LeStream.fr, where she brings a breath of fresh air and positive energy. Furthermore, during the 2020 lockdown, she became "Coach Dina" on the channel, encouraging people at home to stay healthy and happy by following her accessible fitness sessions, live, everyday. Competitor, dancer, host... Dina also shines online weekly through her streams on her own Twitch channel and for her 120K+ subscribers on Youtube. Her motto: "Never stop dancing!"

Twitter: thefairydina