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>Dan Zeitman

About The Speaker

Dan Zeitman

With over three decades of real-world experience, Dan had the opportunity to take on a variety of roles to create and deliver many successful, websites, software and mobile applications for commercial brands, non-profit and corporate clients. Most recently at Bose He had the wonderful opportunity to take the lead in developing and providing the company with forward looking vision of new software and hardware experiences. This role enabled him to leverage his partnership and business development skills, combined with true creativity and and a broader understanding as SME in XR and Spatial Audio to produce prototype concepts, and then take that vision forward to market. Dan fell there’s no better realization of his true impact at Bose than in the execution of that vision which shipped with the Star Wars Bose AR experience with Disney, Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound. In previous roles in developer relations his attention to focus on business partnership development, content creation, thought leadership and developer advocacy helped create impact for the startups he worked with. The most important key to his success has been his passionate and evolutional acquisition of new core skills in a variety of technologies, languages, frameworks and design patterns.