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>Cristobal Dañobeitia

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Cristobal Dañobeitia

Cristobal Dañobeitia is Sociologist and Master in Cognitive Sciences. He has dedicated himself from academic research to consulting in areas of audience analysis, digital transformation and advanced analytics. In 2016, he created a market research consultant called Embodied, doing research in Cinema, television, music, telecommunications and retail. On the other hand Cristóbal has had an active participation in the gestation of the guild of technology companies in the music industry of Chile called “MUSTACH” where he serves as Vice President. Within the framework of both organizations emerge the public-private project called Digital Observatory of Chilean Music, which generates free online information from the industry to promote optimization in decision making. In this project he acts as Director. In the recent years Cristobal has turned to design digital marketing strategies for brands creating the agency A377 who tries to connect brands with creative content.