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>Carol Reily

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Carol Reily

A serial entrepreneur, scientist, and engineer with over 20 years of academic/industry experience in artificial intelligence and robotics (nickname: Mother of Robots). Strong leader and innovator who focuses on building teams, building trust, and building products. Strives for efficiency, high impact, and getting things done.Previously co-founded, was President, and board member of drive.ai, a self-driving car startup with the Stanford AI lab that was acquired by Apple. Built a 8 person company to 200+ employees over 4 years raising over $77M funding. Cofounded multiple startups and launched several robotics products in highly regulated industries.Creative collaborator of the SF Symphony, Board/Advisor of several AI companies. Also active in diversity outreach events that advocate for understanding bias in AI. Work profiled in NYTimes, Harper's Bazaar, Wired, The Atlantic, etc. In 2018 was on the Top Women Founders in Tech and AI lists from Forbes, Inc, Quartz.Educated at Johns Hopkins University and Santa Clara University specializing in Haptics and Computer Vision/AI. Taught two new short courses as an instructor at JHU. Published over a dozen papers at top conferences and inventor of over 8+ patents.Research interests are on the development of intelligent robotic systems that can aid humans in performing skillful tasks more effectively. Application areas include surgery, industrial robotics, remote exploration, creative expression, and education.Specialties: AI, Robotics, computer vision, product strategy, fundraising, design-based research, human machine interaction, human factors, circuitry, machining, medical device design, electromechanical components, IP development and review, FDA regulatory submissions (510(k) and IDE), surgeon training, Operating Room and surgical experience, scientific/technical presentations both academic and professional.