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>Benjamin De Smet

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Benjamin De Smet

I am Benjamin De Smet. I am journalist and communication consultant. I have diploma in journalism, business management and human ressources management. I start Activit-E association in 2018 to organise internships and formations around the esport business and gaming. We are helping young peoples and fans to improve their skills, but also to find a constructive way in esport. How to play smart and discover professions around this business. That is a win-win contract between players, parents and professionnals. Beside this, we are working online with teams and young players to give them an organisation and help to progress in their esport project. Some people becam community manager, coaches, director, captain, ... All aspects of the esport is under their hands and under our supervision. With this organisation we give all responsabilities to our members who learn a lot of things for their futur and all with a good mentality and respect of Activit-E's valors. We want to be an actor in the developpement of our members trough esport and gaming.