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>Ari Evans

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Ari Evans

Ari is an industry thought leader helping creators build more meaningful relationships with their audiences. By inventing new tools and best practices in live stream engagement and monetization, Ari is unlocking live streaming’s true potential as an internet-first experience. Prior to Maestro, Ari was a product manager at Zynga where he designed features, managed revenue, and integrated brands into CityVille, the biggest game on Facebook. Before Zynga, he was an analyst at Goldman Sachs. Ari holds an M.S. in Management Science from Stanford and a B.S. in Information Science from Cornell. About Maestro - General Maestro is an interactive video platform that makes it easy for broadcasters to build meaningful relationships with their audiences. By adding an interactive layer, customers drive an average of 175% increase in watch time, 45% increase in retention, and 210% increase in revenue. The platform’s analytics help customers get to know their viewers, correlate engagement to key metrics, and understand how to maximize return on investment. Maestro enables customization across many use cases including chat and social experiences, in-stream ecommerce and betting, gamification with leaderboards and rewards programs, live stats and prediction games, and interactive sponsor integrations. Customers span a variety of verticals including Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, FIFA, Microsoft, Adobe, WarnerMedia, and Coachella.About Maestro - Music Artists, labels, and venues are using Maestro to create free and paid interactive live streams to drive engagement and revenue. Paywalls, subscriptions, donations, and ecommerce are all fully integrated and customers can easily launch on their own sites/apps within days. The solution is highly customizable and very easy to use. Customers include Universal Music Group, Coachella, deadmau5, Erykah Badu, The Grammy Awards, and more. Outside of music, we work with Epic Games, FIFA, Microsoft, WarnerMedia, Activision Blizzard, Cornell University, and many other customers across verticals.