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>Ali Samadpour

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Ali Samadpour

Ali Samadpour is no stranger to the digital media landscape. He has a proven track record of not only responding to industry needs through innovation and development, but also a strong run of client success. In 2016, Ali launched Prescient Digital, an international digital marketing and advertising agency specializing in working with musicians, festivals and event brands. Over the past five years, Ali has worked with the likes of Saint JHN, MadeinTYO, Loco Dice, HYTE and many more. In the past 12 months alone, Prescient Digital has managed over $1M ad spend for clients across the music industry. Responding to client need & industry direction, Ali co-founded Modular Merch in 2019 with his partner in Berlin. The company offers an A-Z merchandising production and fulfillment solution. Since then, Modular Merch has served a number of small and medium sized businesses as well as musicians in Europe and North America. Ali is constantly increasing his scope and focus towards new topics and trends in the music industry. Recently he's been reimagining how the music industry is monetized and creating a more equitable future for artists through the use of blockchain technology and NFT’s.