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Keynote – AI, creativity and music: legal update


About The Speaker

Sophie Goossens

Sophie is a copyright lawyer fluent in both common law systems and civil law systems of copyright. Sophie combines academic knowledge with years of transactional and regulatory experience in the entertainment, media and technology sectors. She focuses on all issues shaping the future of the media industry from a technological, commercial, legal but also from a policy making standpoint. She advises a number of large clients and trade bodies in relation to internet platforms, the data economy, collecting societies and the adoption and transposition of the latest copyright directive.
Sophie has significant experience in music (especially in multi-territorial licensing), games, social media, audio content and in advising companies operating in cutting-edge areas, including the next breed of entertainment and media services relying on artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain (including NFTs) or the latest content recognition technology. A former in-house lawyer, Sophie is highly commercial, practical, solution-focused and always attentive to industry dynamics. She is known as the go-to lawyer for innovation and first-of-its-kind content-based product launches.

Partner at Reed Smith LLP – copyright, digital media and technology expert – EU copyright law and public affairs specialist. Dual-qualified (France, England & Wales)