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AI Song Contest 2021: May the best win

38 teams from across the world have been collaborating with AI in an effort to create the ultimate song. It is now the time for you to decide who the winner should be. Put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the wide variety of styles and cultural influences and give your personal opinion.

This year, the submissions shine in geographical, cultural and algorithmic diversity: from Swedish folk to American funk, from Hungarian electronic beats to Mexican synth pop, from minimalist piano compositions to an unconventional Spanish lullaby, and from the rich soundscapes of Nepal to tradition-inspired Korean songs sounding an unique sentiment of deep grief and sorrow.

Teams explored techniques ranging from “low-tech AI” to state-of-the-art machine learning to bring the sonic imagination of musician and machine even closer together in songwriting.


All songs can be evaluated by the public on several levels: quality, originality and if they would recommend it to a friend. As an audience member, you can evaluate any song once but as many songs as you want. From 1 song to all 38 of them. Public voting is open from now until July 1. The winner will be announced on July 6 in an online award ceremony at the Wallifornia MusicTech Summit.



The entries will not only be judged by the public, but are also evaluated by a prestigious jury with Grammy award winning artist and innovator Imogen Heap, professor of songwriting at Berklee College of Music Mark Simos, associate provost for Creative Technologies at California Institute of the Arts Ajay Kapur, AI Song Contest 2020 winners Uncanny Valley, founder of Melodrive and Infinite Album Ryan Groves, AI researcher and composer Hendrik Vincent Koops, research scientist for Magenta at Google Brain Anna Huang, and ethnomusicologist and singer-songwriter Rujing Huang.


About the AI Song Contest

The AI Song Contest is all about collaboration between human and machine: teams are encouraged to experiment, mix multiple AI tools (open source and their own) together, explore or enhance new techniques, and use data in creative ways.

The 2021 entries include sonic collaborations between humans and generative audio models, symbolic applications, and algorithmic techniques.


2021 organizers

This second edition of the contest is organized by an international team of AI music enthusiasts and professionals and co-organized and sponsored byWallifornia MusicTech – an entertainment & technology hub based in Liège, Belgium – and by DeepMusic.ai – an organization with a mission to weave together the artificial intelligence and arts communities. Amsterdam Music Labprovides this year’s public voting tool.The AI Song Contest was initiated and organized for the first time in 2020 by VPRO, NPO Innovation and NPO 3FM. Team Uncanny Valley from Australia, won it with their song Beautiful the World.