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10 start-up selected for WMT Acceleration Program 2018

Our acceleration program has its 10 Laureates !

The program will start in Liège before the convention [27th june – 6th July] !

Congratulations to all of them!

The lucky 10 laureates will be receiving 10 days of coaching in Liège (Belgium) with invest fund VC LeanSquare in order to set up the best investing proposal, learn from peers and experts of the sector.

This year, Universal Music Group is part of the program. through its recently announced UMG Accelerator Engagement Network.  Representatives from UMG will be on-hand during the program and UMG executives will be assigned as on-going mentors for certain of the start-ups within the program.

Workshops and classes include financing proposal strategy, negotiation and board management as well as pitching and growth strategy. This unique program insist on meeting high-level music industry experts, learning from peers and embracing opportunities in the musictech sector. At On Friday 6th, they will be joining the Wallifornia MusicTech convention that will be held during Les Ardentes Music Festival to pitch in front of investors and actively enjoy our professional’s talks going on till saturday.

The 10 laureates

  • Jambl (Germany). An instant music-maker, with a powerful music engine that enables total creative freedom for anyone at any age and any musical experience.
  • Requestify (Norway). A social music platform that empowers people to collaborate on, listen to, and experience music socially with friends. Built with AI and blockchain technologies, they want to be future of social music.
  • Soundsgood (France). A service for influencers (media, brands, labels, artists ) allowing to build and broadcast playlists to an audience in a universal way whatever streaming platform is used.
  • Tapes  (UK). A platform that provides hip hop and grime artists from the UK easy and affordable music distribution to DJ. They can connect and build brands.
  • Zikmi (Belgium).  An app created by guitarist for guitarist that allow you to manage your instrument history, practical informations and more.
  • Alt Radio (Belgium).  A web database highlighting the musical talents or bands in the Brussels – Wallonia – Federation. They want to create a solid bridge between artists and the RTBF (French speaking Belgium public radio and television), through an accessible public app.
  • Seeqnc  (Austria). Makes any music label and producer see who is playing his tracks in real-time and increase the reach of his music.
  • MusicTraveler (Austria). A aggregator and marketplace that centralizes practice spaces, equipment, and instruction for the performing arts. Its mission is to promote the creation, appreciation and interest in music by reducing barriers, facilitating new interactions.
  • Soonvibes (France). A community aiming to find young and emerging talents and connect them with professionals through talent pool.
  • Playmoss (Spain). A service where music lovers can interact: chat, like, share, listen to music playlists, no matter what platform the music comes from (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.).

Thanks to our dedicated highly professional coaches and experts joining this year, it for sure will be a unique and bold experience!

The coaches

Virginie Berger (LeanSquare Venture partner and music investment program director), Matthias Stroebel (Director of MusicTech Germany/PR manager MusicTech Fest), Tuhin Roy (New digital Business Universal Music Group), Nicolas d’Alessandro (Hovertone), Gavin Robertson (Business Process Improvement UMG) , Lucy Hug (Global Digital Business Affair UMG) , Tom Mitchel (Computer scientist, researcher and electronic musician), Anna Xambo (Researcher and musician), Ted Cohen (Expert Consultant in digital entertainment industry / Lyricfind ), Vincent Favrat (Ceo Musimap), Thomas Paris (MadKing), Régis Lemmens (Sales Cube), Tjorven Denorme (eMenka), Bruno Wattenbergh (Manager of Impulse.brussels), Ben Piquard (Ceo LeanSquare), Sophie Malarme (Business model specialist), José Zurstrassen (Chairman LeanSquare) , Roald Sieberath (Venture partner LeanSquare) , Xavier Péters (Investment manager Meusinvest).



Good luck to them!