Wallifornia Park

Come and join the crowds of festivalgoers paying tribute to street and urban arts of every kind at the Wallifornia Park, where music is the central theme. Artists from all walks of life are invited to the Wallifornia Park where they are free to let their imagination run wild and share their creations with the public.

A collaborative graffiti wall, mini-karaoke, dance club, interactive mixing deck, temporary tatoos… the Wallifornia Park has it all!

A brand new stage pop up this year, curated by awesome urban collectives POPKATARI, BSMNT, URBAN ARDENT, SUPERVUE, CA BALANCE ELECTRO et FULL COLORZ.

At a crossroads between art show and creativity workshop,
it is also a place to relax, express yourself or listen to live performances and DJ sets all day long. Located between the two main stages of Les Ardentes Music Festival, the Wallifornia Park is open every day from 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM and is accessible to all the festivalgoers.

Wallifornia Park: 05-08/07/2018

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