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CEO Leansquare

Co-founder at Wallifornia MusicTech / COO at LeanSquare

Venture Partner Leansquare

Investment Manager, Noshaq // LeanSquare

Professor | Author | Consultant in the Future of Sales

Co-Founder of eMenKa

Conference Speaker
Founder TheLynk

Managing Partner, Tag Strategic LLC - Deal Maker, Connector, Consultant, Consigliere, Board Member

Vice President New Digital Business Universal Music Group

Senior advisor, Ernst and Young

Senior Director of Business Process Improvement at UMG

Senior advisor, innovation and discovery, Teosto

Chief Innovation Officer, Recorded Music at Warner Music Group

Conference Speaker
CEO & Cofounder, The Rattle

co-founder and Managing Director at Music Ally

Movement Builder | Head of Community | ImpactTech Advocate | Author | Startup & Accelerator Coachs

Innovation Manager at Abbey Road

Managing Director, Eleven Advisory

Partner at SmashMouth Entertainment, Inc.

Media Entertainment & Technology Executive

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer & Administrator at SABAM / Hackathon Manager at Wallifornia MusicTech

Corporate Innovation Manager at RTBF

CEO & Creative Director at Dogstudio

President at MUSTACH - Music Tech Association Chile. CEO at Fanear Labs

Head of Sandbox Hub at VRT

Speaker Coach I Communication Consultant

Entrepreneurship Fellow at Sirris

Pop musician /TED X Speaker/ Pitch Coach/ Award-winning Start up Founder

Professor at the University of Lausanne

Singer, songwriter, publisher and phonographic producer

Founder & Global CEO at Sound Diplomacy

Principal @ Mangrove Capital Partners

Architect, Musician, Producer and Policy Maker

Ph.D. MBA, Assistant Professor and researcher in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at HEC Liège

Leading expert in the digital sector, frequent speaker, author and entrepreneur.

Managing Director at Fimalac Entertainment Ressources

Partner at Reed Smith LLP

General Manager, NSI (Cegeka Group)

Co-founder and CEO, Music Ally

Co-Founder at Landmrk

Director of International Development at Sacem