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CEO Leansquare

CEO Musimap

Co-founder Wallifornia MusicTech

Co-Founder MusicTechFest


Owner & Sound Designer Soundbankster

Coordinateur culture 360° RTBF

Corporate Strategy & PMO Manager Sabam

Director of PIAS Belgium

Venture Partner Leansquare

Investment Manager, Noshaq // LeanSquare

Co-Founder of eMenKa

Marketing Last.fm

Growth Marketing Strategist

CEO metaD, Iconoclaste inc. & TGiT metadata project

Founder STHLM Music City

Conference Speaker
Founder TheLynk

Managing Partner, Tag Strategic LLC - Deal Maker, Connector, Consultant, Consigliere, Board Member

President MusicTech Germany

CIO HLO Playground

CEO MOD Devices

Chairman Leansquare

Co-Founder at Hovertone

Senior advisor, Ernst and Young

Senior Director of Business Process Improvement at UMG

Center for Digital Music

AP Creative Technologies, UWE Bristol / Mi.mu Gloves

Do it Kits

Amazon Web Service

Ty Roberts innovation

SVP Business Development at Universal Music Group

Project Everyone

Shisharka Skunk Works

Global Digital Business Affairs Director at Universal Music Group

Innovation Manager at Abbey Road

Managing Director, Eleven Advisory