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From July 7th to July 9th, the Wallifornia Summit program will provide the most inspirationnal talks for startups, music & e-sport professionals and investors. Our speakers are usually experienced professionals, startuppers, successful investors and visionary artists/influencers sharing their experiences. You will also discover the best MUSIC+TECH & ESPORT+TECH startups during our Pitch Competition and meet your peers during premium and exclusive virtual meetups (Ecosystems, investors, artists, influencers, etc.)

On July 9th, You will then have the opportunity to meet all attendees during our 1_1 meetings session through our dedicated online platform.


From July 7th to July 9th 2020

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2020 Speakers

Pop musician /TED X Speaker/ Pitch Coach/ Award-winning Start up Founder

Head of Daft Music Studios

Professor of Neurology & Director at Coma Science Group

Esport and Video Games specialist at RTBF

Managing Director chez Esports Engaged / VP Belgian Esports Federation ( BESF) / Advisory Committee Esports Europe

Senior Vice President for Global Strategy and Innovation at Berklee College of Music

Founder & Global CEO at Sound Diplomacy

Conference Speaker
Founder TheLynk

Executive Director Advanced Music SL (Sónar - Sónar +D)

Head of Esport at Webedia

Managing Director, Eleven Advisory


Podcast Entrepreneur

President at eSport-Bund Deutschland e.V. & Esports Europe

Movement Builder | Head of Community | ImpactTech Advocate | Author | Startup & Accelerator Coachs

Co-founder & CTO at LUCID

Co-founder at Wallifornia MusicTech / COO at LeanSquare

Esports Agency Director at Webedia

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Previous editions Speakers

Director of Innovation and Research Means at IRCAM

CEO Musimap


Musicien chez Pain Surprises

CEO of Whiise, Academic, Musician


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