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Tété, songwriter, and performer Tété is a singer-songwriter who is also a publisher and phonographic producer. A first album nominated at the "Victoires de la Musique" awards was released in 2001 by Epic. 6 others followed including "A La Faveur de l'automne". In 2008, he started as a TV host with André Manoukian in "Tété ou Dédé" on France 5. The same year, he played his 1st tours abroad. He also writes on a regular basis for various artists (Frérots De la Vega, Amir...) and is a member of the Adami board (neighbouring rights french collector in France) 500.000 albums sold later, he now produces his records and performs all over the world. He's been passionate about innovation in the arts since his early days, having been among the first to use the potential of online video and social networking to address his online community since the early 2000s. Today, with this experience, he is delighted to learn and built collectively the future of the Music, by joining this mentoring program.Picture ©Jerome Juv Bauer