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>Rachel Strassberger

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Rachel Strassberger

Who is Rachel Strassberger? Rachel has over 15+ years of experience in the music and entertainment sector - ranging from artist management, bookings, event and project management, record label and legal affairs, to everything in between. Rachel has strong credentials developing innovative marketing initiatives, revenue maximization, operations and building relationships with key decision makers. Over time she emphasizes that she has ​“been shown over and over again that small actions create BIG results - working locally will produce international results. This truth is incorporated into all my ventures.”What is Strassberger? With her 360o understanding of the music industry, Rachel created a music consulting company - ​Strassberger ​- that works to create momentum behind clients’ music and brand worldwide. ​Strassberger​’s unique and tailored marketing campaigns generate desired resonance across potential market segments globally. The company sets itself apart from other industry players using a data-driven approach to push her clients in today’s dynamic music industry environment - ​“PR and artist music and branding of tomorrow” - i​ f you will. Through innovative methods of collecting and analysing data Strassberger monitors music market stats in real-time to create and capitalise on opportunities. Strassberger uses statistics as the foundation from which they gain specific insights into client results, and how regional marketing efforts spurs worldwide effects.