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>Karim Fanous

About The Speaker

Karim Fanous

Standing at the crossroads of music and binary code, Karim diligently observes how it all fits together. He likes to help others do the same. Karim heads up Abbey Road’s incubator programme, Abbey Road Red, and feeds into the wider innovation initiatives at the studio.Abbey Road Studios was the birthplace of stereo and has a legacy of innovation in the music business that is second to none – from creating the blueprint for modern recording consoles to automatic double tracking and more. Abbey Road Red was launched two years ago to help inventors usher in the next set of universally adopted technologies in the music business.Abbey Road Red’s recent alumni include startups forging new use cases for machine intelligence in music, from Vochlea, a company building exciting voice controller technology, to AI Music creating new shapeshifting possibilities for tracks. Its current intake spans generative composition with Humtap and YouTube influencer marketing with Lickd.In his spare time Karim likes to make pour-over coffee with his V60 and his favourite playlist is the Blue Note monthly.