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>Hugues Vinet

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Hugues Vinet

Hugues Vinet is Director of Innovation and Research Means of IRCAM and has managed all research, development and tech transfer activities at IRCAM since 1994 (150 persons). He has directed many collaborative R&D projects including the first large-scale EU projects in Music information retrieval - CUIDADO and Semantic HIFI. He is currently coordinator of the VERTIGO STARTS EU project in charge of organising collaborations between artists and R&D projects in all technology fields throughout Europe. He also curates the Vertigo Forum art-science yearly symposium at Centre Pompidou. After a scientific and musical education, he previously headed research at the Musical Research Group of the French National Institute of Audiovisual where he worked on the first real-time audio signal processing architectures and designed the multi-awarded GRM Tools product. He participates in various bodies of experts in the fields of audio, music, multimedia, information technology and technological innovation, currently as VP of the Content expert group of the Cap Digital Technology Cluster, member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of the BCom Research and Technology Institute and member of the International Advisory Council at CIRMMT, McGill University.