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>Claudia Schwarz

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Claudia Schwarz

Claudia is a Strategic Advisor for startups, corporations, investors and policy makers at the intersections of the Cultural and Creative Industries, Technology and Innovation (= Creative Tech) with a focus on Music & Film Tech; innovative Licensing models and Synch applications; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Ethics of Technology, particularly AI; Blockchain & Smart Contract Applications; New Realities & Immersive Content & Media, and Educational Technology, including Conference and Festival Curation and Management in all of those areas.She is co-founder and Vice President of MusicTech Germany, co-founder of the Creative Tech Catalyst WickedWork and WickedArtists, a support agency for exceptional artists working at the intersections of art, media, science, and technology. She is also co-founder of Music Unchained, a series of events focussed on New Technologies for the Music Industry, all projects being based in Berlin but operating transnationally.Selected as an exceptional innovator for the EU-funded Keychange program and founder of the international Magna Initiative (Diversity in Music & Technology), Claudia is dedicated to the promotion of diversity within the Creative Industries, particularly of Women at the intersections of music, art, and technology.