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>Claudia Schwarz

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Claudia Schwarz

Strategic Tech Advisor & Project Manager with a focus on MusicTech and overall Creative Technologies, Sustainability and Social Impact Tech, AI & Machine Learning and Tech Ethics, Cross-Innovation as well as future-facing innovative conference & festival curation and formats and the promotion of (more) diversity in Tech. Co-founder and VP of MusicTech Germany, co-founder of Creative Tech Innovation Catalyst WickedWork, both based in Berlin (Germany), Co-Founder of german.innovation, an innovation strategy advisory and networking agency that initiated and co-founded Innovation Bridge Europe (IBE), a collaborative pan-European network of innovators.Selected as a participant in the EU-funded Keychange program, co-founder and Board member of Music Women Germany, Claudia is furthermore dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusivity within the Creative Industries, particularly of Women in Music & Technology.