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>Ben Piquard

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Ben Piquard

I am a Senior Business Development and Interim Manager. I am focusing on Innovations, Startups and Digital transformations of the Economy.I graduated in 1992 from HEC Business School in Liege and worked 15 year for Software Coporations in Sales, pre-sales and bus dev positions (for Business Objects (BI), Siebel (CRM), PeopleSoft (HR), SAS (Analytics), Microsoft (CRM))Between 2008 and 2014, I have been the director of the Microsoft Innovation Centers in Mons and Brussels and launched initiatives like the MIC Boostcamps (for young entrepreneurs) or the MIC Internships programs.Since 2014, I have my small consulting company (PI4Mgt sprl) and I help various customers with innovations and startups projects.I am the CEO of LeanSquare, a startup seed investment fund in Liège.(Meusinvest group)In the week-ends, I am an amateur Trails and marathons runners (Ran 30+ marathons since 2000) and I play Saxophone in a small Jazz band at the Academy of Music of Rixensart.