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>Amelie Anglade

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Amelie Anglade

Dr. Amélie Anglade is a specialist in Music Information Retrieval–the application of machine learning to music. She started her career in that field working on research projects at large R&D labs such as Philips Research, Sony CSL and CNRS, before completing her PhD on automated genre classification at Queen Mary University of London. Her expertise around music identification and discovery led her then to be the first music data science hire at SoundCloud. Since then Amélie has been focusing her time on assisting startups in the AI and music or multimedia space as an independent consultant, not only building prototypes, but also scaling and delivering final AI-based products. Additionally, she is a contributor to the EU Commision as an independent technical expert in charge of reviewing proposals and ongoing EU projects. In her spare time she attends music hackathons (15+ so far), and is a teacher and mentor for women in the field of data science through multiple organizations.