Music Tech Fest: #MTFSparks

Music Tech Fest runs a #MTFSparks workshop for teen hackers at Wallifornia MusicTech. #MTFSparks focuses on music as a social glue as well as fun and engaging ways in which to educate new generations in music and technology. This unique workshop concept gives young inventors new opportunities to design and create their own musical instruments and to explore coding, sound and physics in creative ways. The 4-hour laboratory is open for up to 16 young people aged 12-16 years working to invent creative musical interfaces and instruments using objects and electronic components, followed by 1 hour practice, showcase and performance on stage at the Les Ardentes Wallifornia Park. Participants will experiment, design and build with guidance by senior qualified expert facilitators from the MTF community – musical inventor and hacker Tom Fox, maker and educator Helen Steer, technologist Stefano Piermatteo, creativity lecturer Alexandra Antonopoulou, artist and technologist Byrke Lou and #MTFSparks inventor alumnus Alexander Allen.
Homepage:, Twitter: @musictechfest, FB: /musictechfest, Instagram: @musictechfest

Program & Timing:
13:00 – Welcome
13:30 – Start: Introduction and inspiration showcase (brief introductions of the 4 workshop leaders and outline for the day)
14:00 – 1 hour analogue sprint – understand the physics of sound through constructing an instrument
15:00 – Drink + Snack – working on style moodboards and look
15:30 – 1.5 hour digital sprint – understand the principles of digital interfaces and sound data
17:00 Group Practise – Dress rehearsals
18:15 – 18:45 on-stage performance + demo

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