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<A full week of Music & E-sport +TECH creativity to develop industry-changing prototypes />



A full week of Music & E-sport +TECH creativity

Brave hackers, are you ready for some intense coding?

Coders, artists, gamers, developers, companies that need creatives to use your API to build something innovative for the music & e-sport industries alongside artists, influencers and industry mentors, come join us!

Prior to the event, you’ll get the chance to learn from experts in Virtual Reality, Blockchain, gaming, Binaural sound, Artificial Intelligence. You get acquainted with the technologies and their application within the music & e-sport industries.

Then, it’s time to build a team!

Your mission? To remotely build a project within a week of intense work, debates and brainstorming


From July 3rd to July 9th


Program Schedule

Virtual Guided Meditation Session

Join us via Zoom on Tuesday July 7 from 8:00-8:30PM CEST: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86753544463

Join us via Zoom on Tuesday July 7 from 8:00-8:30PM CEST: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86753544463#success

Music + Tech, Challenge 1

Brought by Tim Bran (producer, London Grammar, Birdy,…) and Pierre Dumoulin (songwriter), the idea of this challenge is to create a point to point application to set up music writing sessions remotely with minimal delay and no expensive gear.

Specs :

Point to point (2 people max involved)

Users should get the sensation that they’re working in the same room (VR environment is a plus)

Less than 50ms delay

Should run without any expensive gear

Built in dictaphone that records the whole session and buffers the last minutes (the user can set the size of the buffer) with the possibility to save a good idea just by clicking instantly, creating a list of the saved ideas (“Heard application”).

Send HD audio stream from the DAW

Being able to choose to send mono or stereo (to minimize delay) and pick the sound quality of what we send

Record artist’s audio in to remote DAW

Lyrics writing with a shared and editable document

Over the net

Music + Tech, Challenge 2

Brought by RTBF and Radio France, this challenge aims at creating a voice experience to help music lovers learn how to play music or sing a song.

Specs :

The experience must be voice first (it must work on a device such as Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home)

You can rely on screens to bring additional information for the end user

You can choose whether you’re focusing on beginners or experienced musicians / singers

Make sure the experience respects music copyrights and be able to explain what are the copyrights models related to your solutions

Music + Tech, Challenge 3

Brought by RTBF and Radio France, the goal of this challenge is to create a brand new user experience to help music lovers discover music or music related content they might like through interactions with voice assistants.

Specs :

Relevant metadata usage across the entire value chain will be a key to success

The value proposition should be different from what incumbent streaming services are currently offering; for example if your hack generates playlists, they must not be generic, but creative and differentiated and most importantly a great experience for the listener

You must avoid the “filter bubble effect”, and bring new content to users which they haven’t discovered before

The experience must be voice first (it must work on a device such as Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home)

You can rely on screens to bring additional information for the end user

Make sure the experience respects music copyrights and be able to explain what the copyright models related to your solutions are

E-Sport + Tech, Challenge 1

This challenge is hosted by RTBF. Its goal is to allow people with disabilities to enjoy video games, 100% and alone.

Specs :

This challenge its hosted by RTBF. Today, many people with disabilities play video games but the hardware available to them is rarely adapted. The objective would be to design a system that allows players, whatever their disability, to enjoy the video game experience 100%. A modular system of controller / input that can be adapted to any player independently and can be used on all platforms (PS4 / XBOX / PC / Mobile / Switch). The goal is to allow the person with a light or heavy disability to enjoy the game, 100% and alone.

E-Sport + Tech, Challenge 2

This challenge is hosted by RTBF. Its goal is to build a solution that activates the NDI stream on-demand

Specs :

in our gaming productions, the capture of the video stream of multiple stations in 120fps is not effective, we use to work with ndi scan converter or the obs window sniffer + obs-ndi plugin, we are very quickly limited to a very limited number of computers on a 1gb network. Hardware solutions have also proved inconclusive with the decimator+blackmagic card for framerates and additional latency that confuse the gameplay. Most of times, 4 screens on the air simultaneously is our maximum needs and it's quite frustrating to see all the performance crashing down when you increase the number of computers. A solution that activates on-demand the ndi stream could solve this problem in a 1gb/s network. assuming that we can wait a few frames when aking for the view of a particular computer in the network.

E-Sport + Tech, Challenge 3

This challenge is hosted by EVS Broadcast Equipment. Its goal is to build a solution to have access to quality poverties camera during mobile game championships.
D.R., Rick Barrett - Unsplash

Specs :

Esport event organizers are lacking POV (Point of View Camera) camera on mobile game championship, giving them the ability to see the player’s attitude during the action. Using internal mobile phone camera is not efficient as it is subject to a lot of movements and framing is not consistent. Challenge: Create a solution that could solve the problem listed above and could be deployed at scale. Pools phases can group a large number of players in the same venue. A solution that could also measure level of stress or how much players are focused, would be valuable

E-Sport + Tech, Challenge 4

This challenge is hosted by EVS Broadcast Equipment. This challenge is about designing an all-in one Live production unit for pro e-sport streamers.

Specs :

Problem: On video streaming platform such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming, you can watch pro or very experienced players playing live, they are called streamers. Viewers are watching those streamers to learn about their skills and hear about their comments. Some streamer are very popular and can generate enough revenue to make their living (e.g. Gotaga with 1 939 905 followers). Their live production kit is very often basic.

E-Sport + Tech, Challenge 5

Help VR centres to build player loyalty through cooperative or competitive mechanisms

Specs :

Players retention in VR centers is a key performance factor since returning players already have some experience playing the games. E-Sport can increase players retention through different ways including motivation to train, improuving performances and measuring players against each other in competitions Help VR centers explore them to ensure players will come back, while taking into account the importance of the social dimension of VR centers (people come and play with friends, family and colleagues).



Corporate Innovation Manager at RTBF

Conference Speaker
Founder TheLynk

Speech & Music, ML Researcher

Managing Director at Fimalac Entertainment Ressources

Advisor Tech Creative Industries

Sr. Startup Business Development Manager, AWS

Founding member of N.W.A.

CEO of EVS Broadcast Equipment

COO et Co-Founder Gaming1

Head of repertoire & distribution at SABAM

Program Lead, SOCAN Labs

President of Songtrust



Senior Software Engineer at EVS Broadcast Equipment

Singer, Songwriter, Electronic Musician & Record Producer

Director, Digital Tech Strategy, UMG

Journalist and Communication consultant

Videogames & eSports assistant at RTBF

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer & Administrator at SABAM / Hackathon Manager at Wallifornia MusicTech

Tech Lead at Universal Music Group

Director of The Rattle LA

Software Engineer

Christophe Pierre
Twitch Manager and video game consultant at RTBF

Vice President, Technology, UMG

Coach at BeCode

Managing Partner, Tag Strategic LLC - Deal Maker, Connector, Consultant, Consigliere, Board Member

Experience Developer and Technologist

Musician and composer

Head of Campuses Wallonia @BeCode.

Coordinator at WALGA

Music composer & software engineer

CTO at Tapptic

Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Coordinator

Songwriter & Producer

Director, New Digital Business & Innovation, UMG

Founder & President of Hackathon Internationals

Co-owner at Wild Bishop

Senior advisor, Ernst and Young

Esport and Video Games specialist at RTBF

President of MediaTech ventures

Mentor, Business Angel and Crypto Investor.

Musician & Songwritter

FOH engineer and live sound producer

Record producer, mixer and writer

Principal Software Architect

Artistic Director

Tech Lead at Google


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