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<A full week of Music & E-sport +TECH creativity to develop industry-changing prototypes />



A full week of Music & E-sport +TECH creativity

Brave hackers, are you ready for some intense coding?

Coders, artists, gamers, developers, companies that need creatives to use your API to build something innovative for the music & e-sport industries alongside artists, influencers and industry mentors, come join us!

Prior to the event, you’ll get the chance to learn from experts in Virtual Reality, Blockchain, gaming, Binaural sound, Artificial Intelligence. You get acquainted with the technologies and their application within the music & e-sport industries.

Then, it’s time to build a team!

Your mission? To remotely build a project within a week of intense work, debates and brainstorming


From July 4th to July 9th


Music + Tech, Challenge 1

Brought by Tim Bran (producer, London Grammar, Birdy,…) and Pierre Dumoulin (songwriter), the idea of this challenge is to create a point to point application to set up music writing sessions remotely with minimal delay and no expensive gear.

Specs :

Point to point (2 people max involved)

Users should get the sensation that they’re working in the same room (VR environment is a plus)

Less than 50ms delay

Should run without any expensive gear

Built in dictaphone that records the whole session and buffers the last minutes (the user can set the size of the buffer) with the possibility to save a good idea just by clicking instantly, creating a list of the saved ideas (“Heard application”).

Send HD audio stream from the DAW

Being able to choose to send mono or stereo (to minimize delay) and pick the sound quality of what we send

Record artist’s audio in to remote DAW

Lyrics writing with a shared and editable document

Over the net



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Songwriter & Producer

Record producer, mixer and writer

Esport and Video Games specialist at RTBF

Corporate Innovation Manager at RTBF

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer & Administrator at SABAM / Hackathon Manager at Wallifornia MusicTech

Owner, RightOn


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