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In 2018, Wallifornia Music Tech will bring you into the hearth of Liège for some workshops and afterparties. The infamous Cité Ardente has a big reputation to live-up to!
We’ll make sure you’re not disappointed!


Kids - Build your instrument

June 30 – 10.00-17.00 , By Kodo Wallonie
Kodo Wallonie  partner with Wallifornia MusicTech to offer your kids an interactive initiation to programmation through discovery of basics and exercises.

They build their first Arduino and learn key concepts. They build a theremin*. They code a theremin and learn while having fun.

Qui n’a jamais rêvé de réaliser soi-même des instruments de musique originaux et méconnus ? Durant une journée placée sous le signe de la musique, viens découvrir la programmation informatique et concevoir ton thérémin pour jouer d’un instrument particulier comme Sheldon Cooper dans Big Bang Theory.



Workshop - Ableton Live

June 30 + July 1, By Nicolas d’Alessandro

Ableton Live has grown from a subversive and performance-tailored artist project into one of the most emblematic digital audio workstation (DAW) available to make music nowadays. As most of the other existing DAWs pretty much look the same, Ableton Live is different. It has all the features you expect from a DAW but it is deeply though-through as a tool for live performance, improvisation, experimentation, and ultimately music serendipity: bumping into that one happy accident that will move your creative idea further. In this workshop, we will help participants to get their hands on the fundamental gears of Ableton Live: explaining the interface, the session and arrangement views, instruments and sound design, and a peek on Max4Live. The workshop will demonstrate those ideas with a collection of example Live sets shared with participants.



Beer Lover Music Tour

1 beer – 1 Artist – 1 Bar

This concept is brought to you by Ca Balance & Ville de Liège! 

Make sure you don’t miss it !

– June 27th : Music Beerlovers’ Tour #1 – Beerlovers’ Café
– June 30th : Music Beerlovers’ Tour #2 – Les Fous d’en face
– July 1st : Music Beerlovers’ Tour #3 – Café des miracles
– July 3d : Music Beerlovers’ Tour #4 – Bistrot Mentin


La Techno closing - After party

June 30 – 22.30 
Le Cadran’s season , renowned club venue of downtown Liège, is coming to an end. They invite you all for a last party, free of charge, before their annual holiday break.
On June 30th, they’ll host some of their favorite flourishing talents from Belgium to spread their unique vibes.
Bring your friends, let’s dance. ❤️

LE CADRAN, Rue de Bruxelles, 4000 LIEGE

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