Visit the start-up garden

Want to live the MusicTech experience to the fullest?

The start-up garden is the place to be. At the heart of Les Ardentes, it is the place where the best of creative MusicTech fools will present and confront projects to the festivalgoers and professionals that pass by the Halles des Foires everyday.

Musical sector is changing and you should be part of it!
Take the chance to meet the future of music through innovative souls that aim is to bring  media to the next level through new technology!
Involving virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, podcast systems, radio hack, sounds experiences, art and science, modulator, social sharing and so much other ways…

Visit the start-up garden


Claim your start-up booth !

You have the power to change the future of Music Technologies?

You feel like you deserve special attention?

Start-up and companies willing to connect with their public can register to get a booth at the start-up garden and benefit from its unique location.

In 2017, 17 start-up and key players of the music and VR industry presented their innovations to Les Ardentes festival-goers and industry professionals.

Rent your own booth on the start-up garden and benefit not only from the Pro access for you and your team but also enjoy a unique opportunity to stand out and make a significant difference.

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Embracing opportunities

We are offering 30 startups the opportunity to join us during the WALLIFORNIA MUSICTECH that will take place during Les Ardentes festival, a musical event international recognized since 10 years.

During 4 days (5th to 8th of July 2018), the 30 selected startups will be able to present and defend their projects before various publics: festival-goers, labels, artists, agents, mentors and investors in different fields during short meetings, keynotes… A great opportunity to share their knowledge, opinion and advice.

In a dedicated area of 300 square meters and in a creative environment, these 4 days you will be ging the opportunity of:

  • meeting startups at the cutting-edge of the sector
  • presenting your project to recognized international investors
  • exchanging with high-level mentors and experts
  • meeting leaders in the technology and music sectors

They were part of the garden in 2017